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J. David Miles began his career as a Panavision camera assistant on projects ranging from high-end commercials like the “Obsession Perfume” campaign directed by Richard Avedon to low budget B-movies produced by Roger Corman.  With the advent of digital technology David transitioned to video cinematography and has continued to shoot a wide variety of projects, including live jazz videos with renowned musicians like Santana drummer Dennis Chambers to humanitarian documentaries covering topics like the AIDS crisis in Africa and the Indian Ocean tsunami.  So there was a certain amount of kismet at play when a cameraman with such an eclectic background was hired to shoot both the film Healing on the edge and the complementary harmonie dvd which is about bringing balance into one’s life. 


Camera Operator, Cinematographer  /  DP

“Most productions are full of chaotic energy, often creating all kinds of tension and crazy conflicts between those engaged in the creative process,” David said, “But working with Rhonda Zabinsky on Harmonie and Healing on the Edge have been totally different. I have never been involved in a project with such a calm vibe, as if the subject matter in front of the lens transferred to those behind it. Being exposed to the principles of feng shui and learning the common sense advice conveyed on this shoot will be useful to people in all walks of life and it’s been a joy to have a role in making it.”


Camera Operator, Cinematographer  /  DP

Pieter Stathis is a professional cinematographer with 16 years of experience shooting dozens of feature films, television series, documentaries and commercials across North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.
Born in southern Greece, Pieter immigrated to Canada, gaining an Honors BA in Linguistics and Fine Arts and working as a photojournalist in Toronto. Currently based in Vancouver

Pieter maintains dual Canadian/Europena passports as his schedule frequently takes him abroad on international productions.

Pieter teaches cinematography and film production at the University of British Columbia and holds full membership in camera union IATSE 669. His love of cinematography comes from shooting in real locations with a hands-on approach to lighting, physical camerawork and on-going collaborations with directors.

Pieter's four-part HD mini-series "Secret Files of the Inquisition" was shot in Canada, Spain and Italy and received the 2006 Leo Award for best cinematography in a documentary series and was also nominated for a 2006 Gemini in the same category.
Pieter followed this program with four months of shooting in Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand for the international TV series “Captain Cook: Obsession and Discovery”. This four-part HD mini-series aired on History TV in 2008 and was recently honoured with Leo and Gemini awards as well as an Australian AFI award for best documentary series.

Pieter recently wrapped principal photography on the international co-production “Darwin’s Brave New World” scheduled to air on CBC’s “The Nature of Things” in fall 2009.
Currently, Pieter is shooting the musical feature film, "Hit 'n Strum".


Camera Operator, Cinematographer  /  DP

Born in 1975 in Poland. Graduate of sociology at University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. Screenwriter, director in the following documentary films: 
2007 – “60 per kilo”.(kilo – it’s a short version of kilogram)
2008 – “The Ceremony of Geshe”.
2009 – “Without sight”.

Cinematographer, editor and director in short movie:
2008 – “Scream”.


Digital Effects, Editor, Sound Editor

Ericsson San Pablo Chu is an editor, filmmaker and writer currently living and working in Vancouver. He has studied film at the Vancouver Film School and Emily Carr  University of Art and Design. 
Working on "Healing On The Edge" with Rhonda Zabinsky has been a great experience. I think it is important to help spread as much information as we can about our influence on the environment and vice versa.


David Montague is a natural and a musical genius! The Director, Rhonda Zabinsky met David Montague in Seattle. “His music left me breathless and inspired all at once” says Rhonda Zabinsky. I knew that his inspiring works needed to be in harmonie and Healing on the Edge. When music touches and inspires you, you just need to share it. David’s music is truly magical! And the world really needs to be exposed to David’s work-it will just make you smile.” And that is how David Montague’s musical works have become part of Healing on the Edge and Harmonie: Body, Mind & Spirit and Harmonie: the art of health & healing.  David Montague is a professional violinist living in the Seattle area.  Music literally saved his life. Once he was homeless. 

Soon after he found the violin, everything began to positively shift. David is self-taught and remarkable.

David specializes in Jazz, Classical, Spanish, and whatever else comes along. He has an approach that's unusually progressive and anatomically healthy.  David Montague’s other instruments include cello, viola, viol and blockflutes. Although Violin is David’s favorite instrument. He sightreads well and particularly enjoys improvisation.

Please see youtube and myspace pages for David Montague that include recordings and videos. Please contact David directly to buy his cds.

Al Harris is a composer/arranger/sound designer. He produces music for games, films, CDs and corporate projects. Says Al: “Sound is at least 50% of a project and carries a staggering impact. I love sculpting sound to match a client’s vision. When that happens, something ‘clicks,’ and the project becomes more than the sum of its parts.”

ALLAN HARRIS -  Original Music Composer

Patricia never touched a harp until she was 50-years of age. She is totally self-taught on both lever and pedal harp and has never had a single lesson on either of these beautiful instruments. She practiced four to six hours per day for several years while working diligently on fingering exercises, memorizing songs. Patricia learned everything she could about harps by listening to and watching other harpists at every opportunity. From the very beginning, Patricia had a vision of a professional career at the climax of this self-taught journey.  In the winter of 2002, Patricia began writing her own compositions for both pedal and lever harps. Patricia drew inspiration from her life-long experiences including: her childhood on the shores of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin;  the magnificent water falls amidst northern rivers and forests; the wolves and other 

wild critters of the northern forest, as well as beloved pets of a lifetime. She has even written songs about her husband’s artwork. She has four released CDs, Artist’s Dream, Woodland Opus, Reflections, and Christmas.   Patricia is a retired flight attendant of fourty-two years with 18,000,000 miles of flying experience. She is a second degree black belt in Americanized karate and has instructed both martial arts and women's self-defense in Minnesota.

PATRICIA K. CARLSON - Original Music Composer

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