Healing on the Edge
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JOCELAN COTY-Masseuse & Yoga Instructor

Jocelan Coty is a masseuse and yoga instructor at hollyhock Jocelan Coty has been exploring the terrain of personal and planetary health for over thirty years.  She is a well-respected body care practitioner. Jocelan uses the modalities of Massage, Cranial/sacral therapy, lymphatic cleansing, Reiki, as well as therapeutic grade essential oils and Yoga to help people experience a blossoming of their body/mind/emotional health.  Continuing interest has led to studies in many fields and so Jocelan is able to draw on many sources to meet the needs of her clients. Incorporating esoteric teachings on soul contract and personal spiritual evolution furthers the possibility of opening to new depths of understanding in personal growth.  What else are we here for, but to evolve?  Humility in the search... carrying forward with a sense of wonder, discovery and compassion on the path to self-actualisation, keeps the journey fresh and interesting.  &