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Christianne Wilhelmson-Ecologist

Christianne Wilhelmson has been the Managing Director at Georgia Strait Alliance (GSA) since early 2009.  Prior to this, she was their Clean Air and Water Program Coordinator for over 6 years.  During that time, she led GSA’s efforts to reduce pollution of the Strait of Georgia region from land-based sources, in particular municipal sewage.  Her work has focused on raising awareness of the impacts raw or undertreated sewage has on the environment and on innovative approaches to managing sewage.  She has worked in both the Capital Region of Victoria and Metro Vancouver to improve treatment levels (and advance timelines for higher levels of treatment) and to bring integrated resource management to both communities.  Christianne also leads GSA's government and media relations efforts, and manages their program to protect at risk species, including the endangered southern resident killer whale.


Christianne is an Ontario transplant who came to BC in 1995 to pursue a M.Sc. in ecology at UBC and stayed on after graduation. She also holds a B.Sc. in Biology and Environmental and Resource Sciences (Trent University) and a BA in English, History and Political Science (University of Ottawa).  She has worked as a lab technician and freelance science writer. She lives in Vancouver.


Formed in 1990, Georgia Strait Alliance is the only citizens' group working to protect and restore the marine environment and promote the sustainability of Georgia Strait, its adjoining waters and communities, the place where 70% of British Columbians live, work and play.